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Podiatry Services in  Austin

Foot X Rays in Houston and Austin

Foot X Rays in 

Foot x-rays are one of the most informative diagnostic tools in Podiatry. Many conditions such as injuries, bunions, hammertoes, bone spurs, heel pain require an x-ray to properly evaluate and diagnose the problem. We offer onsite, immediate x-rays and evaluation.
New Patient Visit.

New Patient Visit.

The new patient visit includes a review of the patients medical history, medications and surgical history. History of the current problem, foot exam, diagnosis and treatment plan. Based on severity many office charge hundreds of dollars for this initial encounter. Many conditions only require recommendations, prescriptions or minor treatments free from additional charges.
Follow Up Podiatry Visit in Houston and Austin


Follow Up Podiatry Visit 

Follow up visits: If a established cash patient returns to our practice for additional, ongoing treatment of a previous complaint or a new problem, less initial review is needed. Review of the current problem, foot exam, diagnosis and treatment plan are again included.



Cortisone Injection 

Cortisone injections: Many of the most common foot complaints can be improved or eliminated quickly with the help of a small injection. Quicker healing means less missed work and activities and less pain. This time tested medical treatment doesn't cover up a problem, it helps a local area heal without prolonged rest, immobilization or non weight-bearing.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Permanent removal of ingrown toenails: This time tested permanent fix for painful ingrown toenails is an amazing relief to those suffering. In just a few minutes the ingrown sides of the nail only are permanently removed, leaving the normal top of the nail intact.

Custom Arch Supports/Orthotics 

Custom arch supports/Orthotics Our office believes that different people have different needs. We carry and/or recommend a variety of affordable over-the-counter products in addition to custom made arch supports.

Bunion Surgery Austin

Bunion Surgery: There are more than 10 bunion surgeries currently performed in the united states. Age, activity, work, time off, severity of the deformity are all considered in planning the surgery that's right for you. For cash patients we offer our own outpatient surgical facility to bring foot surgery into the affordable cost range without sacrifice of care.


Cost-Effective Foot Surgery Options

Those in Austin, Texas, who are seeking cost-effective foot surgery and care turn to Affordable Foot Care. With an experienced doctor on staff and a professional demeanor, patients return home from Dr. Robson’s procedures feeling comfortable on their feet again.

New Patient Visit

The new patient visit includes a review of the patient’s medical history, medications, and surgical history; history of the current problem; foot exam; and diagnosis and treatment plan. Often a problem may only require recommendations, prescriptions, or a minor treatment that is free from additional charges.

Podiatry Medical Care

Affordable Foot Care treats a range of painful foot conditions. Both adult and child patients are welcome.

We Treat:

• Bunions • Ingrown Toenails

• Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis

Services Include:

• X-Rays
• Ultrasounds

• Orthotics
• Cortisone Injections

• Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment
Person Rubbing Painful Foot - Foot Surgery

Foot Surgery

Come to Affordable Foot Care for surgery on any painful deformity of the foot. Most surgeries are handled through outpatient procedures so patients can be home the same day of surgery; this includes choice of local or general anesthesia.

Service Pricing

• New Patient Visit, $100.00
• Follow-up Visits, $50.00
• Injections, $50.00 Each
• X-Rays, $50.00 Each Foot

• Custom Orthotics, $400.00/Pair
• Hammertoe Surgery (Tendon Release), $200.00 First Toe, $100.00 for Each Additional Toe Done During Same Visit
• Ingrown Toenail Surgery, $200.00 First Toe, $100.00 for Each Additional Toe Done During Same Visit


Call the office to arrange for a foot pain-relieving visit with Dr. Robson.